Greenside by Crocco

Use of recycled materials.

The use of recycled polyethylene in films currently produced only with first choice polymers closes the loop between end-of-life materials and raw materials, creating a real circular economy by removing waste and reusing it, thus allowing the reduction in the use of virgin raw material.

Crocco is the ideal partner to develop new products with a gradually increasing percentage of post-consumer recycled material. Thanks to Crocco R&D know-how it is possible to compensate the lower chemical and physical performances of the recycled material with ultra-high-performing resins. In this way the final product’s features and aspect will be very similar to the ones of traditional films.

The use of post-consumer recycled material also has a positive effect on to the reduction of CO2-eq emissions (Greenhouse effect). Instead, the use of recycled material, together with downgauging, turns out to be a more complex and challenging task, even though it is still an achievable goal.