Greenside by Crocco

Carbon neutral

The fight against the climate change, due to the climate-changing gas emissions (GHG), has been lying at the heart of the international debate for many years. The European Union is implementing important actions and measures to reduce the effects of those phenomena. Consequently, the production of increasingly sustainable goods and services is the new challenge that all Companies have to face.

Crocco S.p.A. has been the first Italian company in the flexible packaging sector to take on the environmental challenge, by signing a Voluntary Agreement with the Ministry of the Environment to study and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by its films. Through the use of an international calculation method, the Life Cycle Assessement, Crocco can determin its films’ effect on the climate change: the so called Carbon Foodprint.

The analysis of the Carbon Footprint is necessary to estimate how many kg of CO2 eq (Greenhouse gas effects’ unit of measurement) is emitted by every Crocco product. Through the quantification of the film’s CO2 eq in every single stage of their life cycle (from the plastic raw material’s impact to the extrusion, from the transport to the end of life) it is possible to plan the concrete measures to improve such impacts and to compensate the emissions by providing a Carbon Neutral product.

Compensating emissions means neutralising the CO2-eq quantity generated by Crocco films, after its reduction through production improvement actions.
The compensation is carried out through the economic support of sustainable projects, such as reforestation or production of green energy, able to neutralize the carbon footprint generated by the films.

These strict certified projects generate emisions credits which are sold on the free market. Credits are calculated in CO2-eq and they are used to cancel the CO2-eq quantity generated by a product. Crocco, on request of his customers, buys emissions credits for a complete compensation of the emissions generated by the film supplied.

An innovative method to promote a low carbon economy and to provide a Carbon neutral product supporting the emissions reduction programs of our customers.